The word “hostel” dredges up some pretty negative thoughts for most people - and horror movies certainly haven’t helped! It’s a shame, really - many travellers end up missing out on affordable, social accommodation.

Hostel in Melbourne


Get your sunglasses, sunscreen and a comfy hat ready, because it’s summer sports season in Melbourne!


Cheap accommodation Melbourne


Can you believe it’s December already? Go outside and you’ll start seeing the tell-tale signs of the Christmas season - trees, lights and decorations - popping up wherever you go as people prepare for the holidays.

Like any other city, Melbourne’s Christmas and new year’s calendar is completely jam packed with events to cap off another year.

Christmas and New Years Eve accommodation Melbourne


Are you visiting Melbourne on a budget?

It can be disheartening knowing that you might not be getting the full Melbourne experience.

So if the only thing in your wallet is a family of cartoon moths, don’t worry! Melbourne is more than willing to accommodate for those with tighter budgets. Look hard enough and you can uncover plenty of fun, cheap or in some cases, completely free experiences!

We’ve got you covered with this list of fantastic free activities in Melbourne.